ANIMATION REEL: 2001-Present Day

A wide variety of animated projects from 2001-2015. Enjoy the show!

Jeff Drew Pictures presents: The Reel Deal, Animation Compilation 2001-2015
Beastie Birds in "Brr Stick'em" (Music Video 2013)
MC Lyte in "Another Dope Intro" (Music Video 2013)
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015 (Opening/Welcome)
One Square Mile of Earth (Short Film 2008)
One Square Mile of Earth (TV Pitch 2009)
Green screen segments from "Pajama Men - Live at Soho Theatre" 2015
Wastewater Gardener (Book Trailer 2014)
Hold My Ticket (30 second commercial, 2013)
Occupy Conan (animated segment for Conan O'Brien, 2013)
The Forgotten Bomb (Animated segments for feature length documentary, 2010)
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2014 (Opening/Welcome)
Carnation Instant Breakfast (15 second commercial, 2008, Production: Laika)
The Incredible Voyage of Captain Hook (animated segment from feature length film, 2010, directed by Josh Klein)
New Mexico Magazine's King of the Road (2009, Webisode Intro)
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2007 (Opening/Welcome)
New Mexico Lottery, 4 This Way (30 second commercial, 2005, Ad Agency: Kilmer & Kilmer)
Weekly Alibi Commercials (30 second commercials spanning 2001-2009)
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